Jack Wilson & Mr. Owl – Nakturnal Exclusive (Web Single)

“Like ‘Consumers Become Producers’, this collaboration with MR. OWL just sort of came together naturally.  Since Chris and I are friends we often trade ideas/drafts/etc. and therefore I have many of his tracks saved on my laptop.  I’ve found that his smart sense of timing and diverse production style fits well with my spoken word rhythms and we’re both really excited about what the future holds regarding our future collaborations.  Straight up though?  I made this track the night Wiz’s Taylor Allderdice came out, after learning that he’d used two beats from D. Dumont, who’s an amazing Pittsburgh producer I’ve also been lucky to have worked on a few demos with.  The reality was mad inspiring and made me more proud and motivated than ever to be a Pittsburgh hip-hop artist.  When the track was finished, I knew I wanted to dedicate it to Nakturnal as a nod to our collective friendship and for all the hard work you have also put into building our local scene.  The lyrics/poetry specifically culminated from a few sick bits and pieces I’d recently saved in my smart phone after random nights of sitting alone on Bmore barstools.”

-Jack Wilson, from his NakYouOut interview on 4/2/12

DOWNLOAD LINK:  Jack Wilson & Mr. Owl – Nakturnal Interview Exclusive [MP3, 320kbps, 3.5MB]

Also be sure to check out MR. OWL’s interview with NakYouOut from 3/9/12 if you missed it!

Beat: MR. OWL – Phantom Grinder
Rhymes: Jack Wilson MC

Web Single released on Parliament of Strix Records 4/2/12, Catalog # PSXS003


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