PARLIAMENT OF STRIX is a record label created by executive producer MR. OWL: parliament as in a group of owls, and strix being a mythical owl creature of ill omen.

MR. OWL has been producing hip hop and experimental electronic music for over ten years. His forte is designing, dismantling, and dismembering electronics, often in the pursuit of creating unique homemade instruments. Hailing from the Steel City, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, OWL is the relentless sound behind P-STRIX.

MR. JHAK is an emcee, poet, and standup comic living in Los Angeles. His imaginitive wordplay and surreal imagery create a hip hop world in which his larger-than-life characters run amok. With his fresh underground style and lyrical depth, JHAK is the first artist on the P-STRIX roster.

We recognize that hip hop is something very different than the corny ass rappers we see in commercials and hear on the radio, not having a clue about the battle mindset or putting in work or paying dues.

We are sick and tired of having to explain how we are not the hip hop you see on TV. Suckas do your research.

We recognize roots and heritage as being the only way to push hip hop forward creatively. Hip hop is as much about the breakers and writers and DJs as it is the emcees. America seems to have forgotten this.

Nobody will deny that hip hop is broken. Nobody will deny that hip hop sucks more in ’12 than Shadow ever thought it could in ’96. Some claim it is dead but it lives on in the hearts and minds and mics and MPCs of real heads. It is merely in a gestation period right now; hip hop is in the process of regeneration and rebirth. P-STRIX are the motherfuckers waiting there with surgical masks and gloves to welcome our new baby messiah to Earth. And beyond.

So pop some champagne bitches, and hold on tight.

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