Mr. Jhak – Bodyslide Mixtape

Mr. Jhak is the emcee who conspired with Mr. Owl to create the “Parliament of Strix” record label, and the Bodyslide Mixtape is Jhak’s first release.  Born and raised in Philly, and currently living in Los Angeles, he blends the east- and west-coast styles to make some of the realest underground hip-hop you’ll ever hear.  Jhak spits his intensely original rhyme style on twenty-one of his favorite borrowed instrumentals, and DJ Spaed cuts and blends all the tracks into a 54 minute set of continuous illness, never letting the groove stop.

Let this mixtape whet your appetite for a dope and prolific up-and-coming emcee, because P-Strix will be releasing several Mr. Jhak albums and mixtapes soon, including the highly anticipated “Who Killed the Page Wizurd?” LP with all original production by Mr. Owl.  Keep your ears open because this dude is on fire!

DOWNLOAD LINK: Mr. Jhak – Bodyslide Mixtape
[ZIP file containing MP3s, 224kbps, 91.5MB]


Mixtape released on Parliament of Strix Records 1/3/11, Catalog # PSXM001